Wake up Pastor


I grew up in the home of a church planter. My biblical knowledge is far above average. And that, right there, is the problem.

Many pastors think the people who sit in their congregation, are clueless. They preach their own interpretations of scripture, which is so far from the truth, it is revolting. They blatantly bend scripture to suit their own financial needs. But that is not what I want to blog about today. Simply because I don’t see this anymore. I don’t go to church and I don’t watch these mega church preachers on the TV. I don’t even have a TV. In my opinion, they all need to go back to Sunday school.

What I want to blog about today, is something much more sinister. It is pastors, who no longer have congregations, but are entrepreneurs, or high ranking officials in the corporate world. There is a new phenomena among these pastors, that I have witnessed personally, over the last two years. They don’t make sound business decisions. They make stupid faith decisions. Let me explain.

The right way to do it as a Christian, is to seek the face of God BEFORE you make a major decision. God promised wisdom is we ask for it! God said He will guide us if we ask!

What do these bunch do? They make decisions without thinking, without the proper business knowledge, and worst of all, without seeking God’s face beforehand. The results are terrible. People get hurt. And the pastor simply turns around with one of two excuses. Either the devil gets the blame for attacking God’s children, or, God gets the blame as it probably wasn’t in His will.

My goodness. To those pastors I want to say something today. And being a person with Aspergers, I won’t even try to find a way to do it in a nice way. Get your act together. Stop making excuses. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions. God is not your puppet. You cannot make wishy-washy decisions and then expect God to jump at your command.

The devil is not to blame; he gets way too much credit anyway.

God is not to blame if you don’t seek His face, ask for wisdom and follow his guidance.

In short, what I really want to say – you are giving Christianity a bad name. You are causing christian people to turn away from the church. I have no need for a church run by a pastor such as I just described. No, I am still meeting with fellow believers. Every day of my life. But the modern day churches, with these pastors? No thank you.

Pastor – maybe you should go and read Matthew 7:23.


This is my broom, for my brain….


I have had this blog for a couple of years. Sometimes, I blogged regularly. Other times, it was now and then. It doesn’t matter; I don’t have to stick to a schedule.

This blog has always been the place where I sort my head out, hence the name a broom for my brain. Whenever something bothered me, or fascinated me, I blogged about it. Writing helps me to organise my thoughts and form an opinion. Lately, my brain needs a lot of sweeping.

My blog always had a religious tone to it – I am a Christian and proud of it. That won’t really change. Something that is such an integral part of me, will most likely surface.

But my blog will take a turn that will come as most unexpected for most of you. I have been diagnosed with Aspergers. Note the phrase. I have been diagnosed. I am not SUFFERING from Aspergers. I HAVE Aspergers. Big difference. For me in anyway.

So I will occasionally blog here about my Asperger journey. I have to. It’s a broom for my brain. And believe me if I tell you, an Aspie brain is a very overloaded, busy brain.

If you are interested to learn about Aspergers, keep following my blog. I am not a guru on the subject, but after living with it for 48 years, I certainly have some experience I could share. If you are not a religious person, don’t sweat it, just ignore what you are not interested in reading.

From the newly dubbed, Aspersie in die family. Aspersie is Afrikaans for asparagus.


I am back!


You won’t believe what kept me away for this long….. I forgot which email and which password will work to let me back in again! And to get support from any big platform these days, is just almost impossible.

Finally, I drew up a whole list of possibility and worked through them one by one, until I found the one that let me back in!

So I am back! Yeah!

Back to regular blogging soon…