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Day 1: #100happydays


Last year I participated in the #100happydays challenge and I can honestly say, it changed my life. For 100 days, I refrained from complaining, no matter how hard it was. Every day I searched for things that made me happy, things that I could be thankful for. This challenge is literally about practicing being happy regardless of circumstances, being thankful for the blessings you have and being positive regardless of what happens around you. Yesterday I decided to do the challenge again. It is a challenge every person should do at least once in a lifetime, if not once a year. I want to challenge you today to join me. Visit the #100happydays website and commit yourself to 100 days free of moaning and groaning.


This photo is of an old Karee tree on the property we just bought. The bond registration was done a few days ago. We are now the proud owners of De Oude Karee. We are extremely thankful. We are blessed. At times we are so overwhelmed with joy that it runs down our cheeks. God has been so good to us. All the glory belongs to Him.

I know this tree doesn’t look good. It has been badly neglected. Some of the branches have died and needs to be removed.¬†Even though the tree is old, it isn’t very big. It doesn’t match the expectation created through the words ‘old tree’. When we hear those words, we think of a tall trunk with branches spread far and wide, giving much needed shade. This tree is far from that.

Does the current condition make the tree any less than a Karee tree? No. Does the current condition take away the honour of having a property named after it, for many decades already? No.

Take heart dear friend. The circumstances in your life cannot take away your value either. You were carefully woven together by the Master Creator. You were made unique. You were made with purpose. You were made with love. Regardless of the situation now, you are still precious in His sight. Never will He leave you; never will He forsake you. Lift up your head and stand tall.