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Whites Only / Slegs Blankes



I have seen that little sign many times as a child. I couldn’t understand it. Till this day I don’t. But the sins of the past is not the focus of this blog post. The sins of today, is what I want to write about.

I am confronted with racism regularly, black towards white and white towards black. It is part of our daily struggle in South Africa. I kept quiet about the injustice of racism for many years. Why? Fear of man. I was scared to speak my mind. I was scared to be rejected. Today, I am ashamed of my silence many years ago. And I don’t keep quiet anymore. I have been refusing to keep quiet for about 20 years. The older I get, the more outspoken I am on this issue. So today, I am going to let rip. Really. I am so over these self-righteous people who think they are superior simply because of a fair skin tone.

There is a group of Afrikaans people who refer to the Afrikaners as God’s chosen people – ‘God se uitverkore volk’. What a load of hogwash. God’s chosen people is Israel. According to my Bible anyway. And I have a lot of Bibles, with different translations. Nowhere in any Bible do I read about a nation that will arise somewhere in the ‘south’ that will become God’s chosen people. And accepting Jesus as your Saviour, will not make you a Jew, nor will it make you one of God’s chosen people. Go and read Galatians 3 on this matter. Pay specific attention to Paul speaking about ‘us’ and ‘we’, being himself and his fellow Jews, and ‘they’, which would be us, the Gentiles. Yes we are gentiles. Gentiles saved by grace. Yes, the blessing on the children of Abraham can be ours through the death of Jesus (verse 13), but we are still Gentiles.

I am so sick of people who think that they are superior because they are white and / or Afrikaans speaking. Really. I am equally sick of people who treat people of different cultures, in a horrific way. Stop listening to false prophets. Stop listening to the media. Get on your knees and start listening to God’s heartbeat. Stop your fear of man. Stop being afraid of your family and their possible reaction if you stop being a racist. For goodness sake man! Start thinking for yourself. Ask God to reveal Himself to you on this matter, instead of doing what your family have been doing for so long.

To those who stubbornly refuse to lay down the racism, to those too scared to stand up for what is right, to those who think they are a chosen people – I have one question: do you really think there is going to be a sign on the pearly gates: whites only / slegs blankes? Really? I don’t think so.



He loves us…


I had a major revelation this week. The trigger for the revelation is hilarious, to say the last. It is Cannabis. No, I don’t smoke weed. But…. I have been reading a lot about the medicinal properties of Cannabis. You see, I lost three friends to cancer already. Three people whose health steadily declined regardless of all the chemo and radiation. All three lost the fight. When the posts started appearing on Facebook, claiming that Cannabis is the cure for cancer, obviously it caught my attention. Being as curious as I am, I started reading everything I could find.

For those who do not know me long enough, I studied Aromatherapy years ago. Aromatherapy is all about the science of the medicinal essential oils extracted from plants, and their uses. For instance, modern day aspirin is the chemical  copy of willow bark oil. Now here is where the revelation comes in.

God gave us plants that are medicinal to keep us healthy. Right? Right.

God created these plants before He created Adam and Eve. Read that again and think it over for a while. God created plants, with medicinal properties, BEFORE He created man. He created man in the garden of Eden. There was no sin. And without sin, there would not have been any sickness. It is thus safe to assume that God knew, before He created them, that they were going to fall into temptation. He knew they were going to disappoint Him. He knew they were going to fall. He knew He would one day have to sacrifice His Son, to save them. And yet, He went ahead and created them. How amazing is that?

God knew you long before you were born. He knew you were going to sin. He knew you were going to let Him down. He knew you were going to disappoint Him. And yet He created you. Why? Because He loves you. He wanted to have intimacy with you. He wanted to have a relationship with you.

Is there any love bigger than this? No.

Fear vs Faith


I was raised to be scared of spiders. In fact, I was raised to be scared of any creepy crawly. In the house where I grew up, there was a can of insecticide in every room, with spare full ones in the kitchen. Whatever moved in that house, got killed. My mother was scared of spiders and she passed that fear on to me. For years, I freaked out at any insect. I couldn’t stand it. As a family, we still laugh at an incident a few years back, when a large black cricket decided to walk up the right leg of my pants. When I felt the movement, I was out of my pants before I could think about it. It just happened. That fear inside of me was far greater than the fear of having people see me standing in my underwear. Imagine that.

My husband however, has no fear. He picks the insects up and relocates then outside. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to overcome my fear of insects and spiders. It took a lot of hard work on my side, and a lot of patience on his side. Today, I can honestly say, my fear is gone. I now have a pet spider. And meal worms that I can pick up with my fingers to feed them to the bearded dragons. I have overcome my fear and I am very proud of it.

Meet Sarah, my pet spider.


Why am I blogging about this? Fear is debilitating. And I firmly believe that fear, attracts exactly the things we fear, to us. Job said: “what I feared most, has overcome me”.

Fear is the direct opposite to faith, in all dimensions of our lives. I wasn’t only raised to be scared of spiders, I was also raised to be a racist. Racism is nothing but fear. We fear people who look different, dress different, speak different, all of that for no logical reason whatsoever. As a young adult, I started attending an english, charismatic church. And I soon learned that people of other cultures, are not bad just because they have a different skin colour than me. I learned that they too, are real people. People who love. People who laugh. People who cry. There were people in that church, of a different skin colour, who shared my love for music. Soon, they became my friends. Without them even knowing, they helped me to overcome my fear of people from another culture. Without them even knowing, they helped me to overcome racism.

Everything we were taught as kids, are not necessarily correct. Our parents are/were after all just human too. Humans fighting their own fears, and sometimes, not winning. As an adult, you have the responsibility to decide for yourself. You will not be judged one day on what your mother taught you; you will be judged by your own words, your own actions, your own beliefs, and yes, your own fears.

Today I want to bring honour to Babalo and Charmaine. Without them even knowing, they brought healing to my fearful soul. They were part of my journey, to conquer racism, to conquer my fear of anybody different from myself.


I dare you to start facing your fears, whatever it may be. Living with fear isn’t nice. I can attest to that. Living without fear, is liberating to say the least.