I’m glad it happened…


2017 was one of the hardest years ever. I don’t want to repeat it. My husband and I went through a year of living hell, for reasons I do not care to share. We were relieved when the 1st of January came, and brought with it a new chapter.

This morning, I watched a sermon from Elevation Church, Steven Furtick. If anybody can preach me into a joyous mood, it’s that guy. He has a whole new look on the challenges of life. And I love it. Let’s face it, all these ‘so-called’ pastors, that preach prosperity, is talking a load of hogwash. Jesus told us it won’t be easy. The apostles showcased hardship for us in the New Testament. Nowhere are we promised a life of prosperity. True FAITH is holding on, DESPITE the circumstances!

If you had a hard year in 2017, I challenge to you to watch this sermon. Take an hour of your time, and invest it into your spiritual account of 2018!


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