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Whites Only / Slegs Blankes



I have seen that little sign many times as a child. I couldn’t understand it. Till this day I don’t. But the sins of the past is not the focus of this blog post. The sins of today, is what I want to write about.

I am confronted with racism regularly, black towards white and white towards black. It is part of our daily struggle in South Africa. I kept quiet about the injustice of racism for many years. Why? Fear of man. I was scared to speak my mind. I was scared to be rejected. Today, I am ashamed of my silence many years ago. And I don’t keep quiet anymore. I have been refusing to keep quiet for about 20 years. The older I get, the more outspoken I am on this issue. So today, I am going to let rip. Really. I am so over these self-righteous people who think they are superior simply because of a fair skin tone.

There is a group of Afrikaans people who refer to the Afrikaners as God’s chosen people – ‘God se uitverkore volk’. What a load of hogwash. God’s chosen people is Israel. According to my Bible anyway. And I have a lot of Bibles, with different translations. Nowhere in any Bible do I read about a nation that will arise somewhere in the ‘south’ that will become God’s chosen people. And accepting Jesus as your Saviour, will not make you a Jew, nor will it make you one of God’s chosen people. Go and read Galatians 3 on this matter. Pay specific attention to Paul speaking about ‘us’ and ‘we’, being himself and his fellow Jews, and ‘they’, which would be us, the Gentiles. Yes we are gentiles. Gentiles saved by grace. Yes, the blessing on the children of Abraham can be ours through the death of Jesus (verse 13), but we are still Gentiles.

I am so sick of people who think that they are superior because they are white and / or Afrikaans speaking. Really. I am equally sick of people who treat people of different cultures, in a horrific way. Stop listening to false prophets. Stop listening to the media. Get on your knees and start listening to God’s heartbeat. Stop your fear of man. Stop being afraid of your family and their possible reaction if you stop being a racist. For goodness sake man! Start thinking for yourself. Ask God to reveal Himself to you on this matter, instead of doing what your family have been doing for so long.

To those who stubbornly refuse to lay down the racism, to those too scared to stand up for what is right, to those who think they are a chosen people – I have one question: do you really think there is going to be a sign on the pearly gates: whites only / slegs blankes? Really? I don’t think so.