Monthly Archives: December 2016

He loves us…


I had a major revelation this week. The trigger for the revelation is hilarious, to say the last. It is Cannabis. No, I don’t smoke weed. But…. I have been reading a lot about the medicinal properties of Cannabis. You see, I lost three friends to cancer already. Three people whose health steadily declined regardless of all the chemo and radiation. All three lost the fight. When the posts started appearing on Facebook, claiming that Cannabis is the cure for cancer, obviously it caught my attention. Being as curious as I am, I started reading everything I could find.

For those who do not know me long enough, I studied Aromatherapy years ago. Aromatherapy is all about the science of the medicinal essential oils extracted from plants, and their uses. For instance, modern day aspirin is the chemical  copy of willow bark oil. Now here is where the revelation comes in.

God gave us plants that are medicinal to keep us healthy. Right? Right.

God created these plants before He created Adam and Eve. Read that again and think it over for a while. God created plants, with medicinal properties, BEFORE He created man. He created man in the garden of Eden. There was no sin. And without sin, there would not have been any sickness. It is thus safe to assume that God knew, before He created them, that they were going to fall into temptation. He knew they were going to disappoint Him. He knew they were going to fall. He knew He would one day have to sacrifice His Son, to save them. And yet, He went ahead and created them. How amazing is that?

God knew you long before you were born. He knew you were going to sin. He knew you were going to let Him down. He knew you were going to disappoint Him. And yet He created you. Why? Because He loves you. He wanted to have intimacy with you. He wanted to have a relationship with you.

Is there any love bigger than this? No.