Is the end of the world at hand?


If you browse around on social media like I do, you are probably asking the same question. There are so many speculations going around right now, and so many seem plausible. I think it must be absolutely overwhelming for some people, especially new Christians.

Some pastors are preaching about a rapture that will take place soon. Others violently preach against it and believe the rapture and the second coming of Christ to be the same event. Of those that are for the rapture, some believe that it will take place before the great tribulation, others believe it will only take place halfway through the tribulation. A third group believes in a rapture after the tribulation, but before the wrath of God is poured upon the earth. Many books are written on this topic and there are more videos available on YouTube than I have time to watch.

September 2015 is a month speculated about like no other month before in history. If you google CERN 2015, you are going to be served with a long list of resources with interesting information about events supposedly to happen in the last few days of this month. The Jewish calendar plays a huge role in all of these.

If you look at world news about the Pope and Obama, you can’t but wonder what the heck is going on. Add to that rumours of World War III starting soon and it is quite understandable that people are scared and frightened. The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory has been going on for years and it is even more prevalent now than ever.

So now what?

I am not a specialist in anything listed above. Nor am I about to tell you what you should and should not believe about any of these current world events. Quite frankly, I don’t care whether you believe in a rapture or not. I don’t care about the pope and Obama either. I don’t care about CERN. I don’t care about World War III.

Think about it – all of the above is human being’s interpretations and speculations. Most of them claim divine revelation from God, yet they grossly contradict each other in many ways. Who to believe? What to believe?

I choose to believe the Word of God: John 14:6 –  “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

What I care about is this: am I ready to meet my Jesus should it happen today? Am I ready? Are you ready? I asked my staff this morning the same question. It’s not about the end of the world, it’s about the end of our LIVES here on earth. It could happen at any moment. You could die on your way home this afternoon – and then? Are you ready? You could end up a victim of crime tonight – are you ready? Jesus could come tomorrow for His bride – are you ready? THAT is the question you should ask yourself. AM I READY?



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