from bad to worse…. but then!


Yesterday I drove through a part of town that is an absolute nightmare as far as traffic is concerned. It has been a nightmare for many years already as the existing infrastructure simply could not cope with the volume of traffic that had to go through there on a daily basis, especially during peak hours. Finally, after years of citizens complaining, the municipality decided to upgrade the road and make it wider. NOW, it is much worse than it has ever been. The road works… oh the road works….

There are now detours that have to be navigated very carefully. Potholes. Barricades. Dust. Jack Hammers right next to your window as you drive past. Construction vehicles parked awkwardly. Traffic lights not working now. Stop and go arrangements in certain sections. Impatient drivers with road rage. The list goes on. It is terrible. Just terrible. We grit our teeth simply because we don’t have an option – we have to use that road. And we know, soon, it will be all over. Suddenly, one day in the near future, all the obstructions will be gone and a new road with three lanes in each direction, will be opened.

While I was stuck in that bad little spot, I suddenly thought of how it works out just the same in our own lives. Sometimes something just doesn’t work the way it should. We suffer. We cry out to God to help us and then suddenly, everything worsens. We can’t understand it. We get angry and shake our fists at God. Then we break down and cry again and ask forgiveness. And still it gets worse and worse. Some days we can’t imagine that we would get through it all. And then suddenly, everything falls into place. Suddenly, doors open that we didn’t even know existed. Breakthrough comes!

Be encouraged. God is busy constructing a new road in your life. It might be hard to figure it all out now, so stop trying. Just grit your teeth and keep on driving. Soon, you will see His plans being fulfilled in your life. His plans for you are good – go read Jeremiah 29:11. Keep on driving! God is constructing a beautiful new road for you to travel on.


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