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God answers prayer


I want to enourage you today through a testimony. But in order to do that, I have to give you the background first.

We just bought a property from an insolvent estate. The property has been vacated for nine months already. The bank contracted a security company to look after the property to prevent vandalism. Unfortunately, the employees placed there by the security company were not of the honest type. They unlocked the one house on the property and stripped the entire house of all the electrical cables and fittings. We notified the representative of the company and he confirmed that the company he works for, will carry the cost for the rewiring of the house. Unfortunately, nothing came of that and we have to move into the house next week. 

Yesterday I gave the representative a call. He was on holiday and very abruptly informed me that they were not willing to carry the cost anymore. I phoned the manager of the company thereafter and was met with a myriad of swear words and a very bad attitude. In short, the company owner told me that it was my problem and I had to buy a generator if I needed electricty – he was not going to assist in any way.

I was devastated. We are talking about R17k here. It is not money we have lying around. So I prayed. I asked God to intervene. With God being just, I asked God to keep that man awake the entire night. I asked God that that justice will prevail. Only that. Justice. What is fair should happen. Nothing but justice.

This morning the man apologised to my husband for his bad behaviour towards me yesterday and he undertook to carry the cost. God answered my prayed! Praise His holy name!

Don’t lose heart today. God hears your prayers and He looks after the righteous. Keep on praying. Keep on believing.

And there is a word of caution in this too: run your business on Godly principles. Keep your integrity intact. Pay when and what you have to pay. Keep your nose clean so that you can approach God with a clean conscience and ask for justice to prevail, when you need to.

And if you can’t sleep at night? Well, ask God why He is keeping you awake….




I don’t normally post or participate in political discussions of any kind on Facebook. But with the xenophobia attacks currently making headlines across the world, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. So this morning I posted this on Facebook:

“Today, when you encounter a person, I dare you to look into his or her eyes, and really see, another human being, a person. See a man who has a mother who loves him. See a woman who loves her children. See a human being that Jesus died for. Do not see the colour of the skin or the nationality in the id book. See the person. I dare you.”

In the comments, a person stated that he is fast becoming a racist, to which I replied that he should not be a racist, as God is not racist. In a friendly way (we are friends) he questioned my statement.

Is God a racist? God commanded Israel not to mix with other nations. Was this because Israel was a pure nation? Not at all. Just take Joseph for example – he married an Egyptian woman, so the entire tribe of Joseph had Egyptian blood. The command was given to keep Israel SPIRITUALLY pure. God knew that the other nations they would encounter along the way, were into idolatry. God wanted to protect Israel from the dire consequences of idolatry.

Now read Numbers 12…. The first verse says: “Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite.” The Cushites were black. If you don’t believe me, go and do some research for yourself online. This is a nice example of racism, right there in the book of Numbers. Miriam was upset as her brother married a black woman. What did God do? Read the rest of the chapter….. In short – His anger burned against them and Miriam ended up with leprosy.

Now if God didn’t have a problem with Moses marrying a black woman, should you have a problem with people of a different skin colour to yours? I don’t think you have a foot to stand on. Stop seeing a culture. Stop seeing a nation. Stop seeing a skin colour. I repeat the dare…

“Today, when you encounter a person, I dare you to look into his or her eyes, and really see, another human being, a person. See a man who has a mother who loves him. See a woman who loves her children. See a human being that Jesus died for. Do not see the colour of the skin or the nationality in the id book. See the person. I dare you.”


from bad to worse…. but then!


Yesterday I drove through a part of town that is an absolute nightmare as far as traffic is concerned. It has been a nightmare¬†for many years already as the existing infrastructure simply could not cope with the volume of traffic that had to go through there on a daily basis, especially during peak hours. Finally, after years of citizens complaining, the municipality decided to upgrade the road and make it wider. NOW, it is much worse than it has ever been. The road works… oh the road works….

There are now detours that have to be navigated very carefully. Potholes. Barricades. Dust. Jack Hammers right next to your window as you drive past. Construction vehicles parked awkwardly. Traffic lights not working now. Stop and go arrangements in certain sections. Impatient drivers with road rage. The list goes on. It is terrible. Just terrible. We grit our teeth simply because we don’t have an option – we have to use that road. And we know, soon, it will be all over. Suddenly, one day in the near future, all the obstructions will be gone and a new road with three lanes in each direction, will be opened.

While I was stuck in that bad little spot, I suddenly thought of how it works out just the same in our own lives. Sometimes something just doesn’t work the way it should. We suffer. We cry out to God to help us and then suddenly, everything worsens. We can’t understand it. We get angry and shake our fists at God. Then we break down and cry again and ask forgiveness. And still it gets worse and worse. Some days we can’t imagine that we would get through it all. And then suddenly, everything falls into place. Suddenly, doors open that we didn’t even know existed. Breakthrough comes!

Be encouraged. God is busy constructing a new road in your life. It might be hard to figure it all out now, so stop trying. Just grit your teeth and keep on driving. Soon, you will see His plans being fulfilled in your life. His plans for you are good – go read Jeremiah 29:11. Keep on driving! God is constructing a beautiful new road for you to travel on.