daily bread…


For years I have been using Bible reading plans and devotionals. And more times than I can remember, I have been utterly amazed at how applicable a daily piece of reading was to my exact situation that day. I have often sat back and wondered whether God inspired me to use that specific book or plan, because he inspired the author to use that particular verse, for that particular day, knowing that on that day, I was going to need it. It sounds far fetched, but my God is the God of the impossible, so why not?

Reading God’s word daily, is imperative. It is food for our souls and weapenry for the war we are engaged in. Without it, we go hungry and we are defenseless. If you don’t fill yourself with the word, you won’t have a verse ready to pull out in defense when fear threatens to overwhelm you. We are overcome with fear and worry, because we don’t have an arsenal of scriptures ready to fight it off. We stress over trivial issues because we are not full of the word.

The Bible has so many promises from God that we can hold on to. I encourage you to find a daily promise to add to your arsenal. Make time for it. You are going to need it!


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