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boxes, boxes…


Last year in December, I shaved my head, supporting my sister who was on a cancer journey. I promised her that I would be bald as long as she was bald.



These few months with a bald head have been very entertaining to say the least. A walk in the mall with my bald head husband always cause people to stare. I guess they can not figure out who is sick and who is supporting.


People often asked very sympathetically, why I was bald. Most of them assumed I was undergoing chemotherapy myself. When I explained the real reason, the sympathy always changed to admiration. I did not encounter one person who did not admire me for what I did. But now….. Now my sister’s cancer journey is over. Her chemo is finished, her hair is starting to thicken again and we are trusting that she is completely healed. So there is no real reason for me to keep shaving my head, other than my own choice.

Now people’s reactions are funny. When they find out that I am doing it now just because I like it, the admiration quickly changes to judgment. I am frowned upon and questioned. Society now sees me as a rebel. A weirdo. I don’t fit into the box anymore and people don’t know how to deal with it. And me? Well, I am a strong woman. I just laugh it all off.

Today though, I spent a couple of hours alone on the road, thinking about this issue. Many people try to put others in a box. They expect people to behave in a certain way, to dress in a certain way, to live in a certain way. And if those people refuse to fit into the box, they are discarded, shoved aside, avoided. Often times, the box-people, will quote Scripture to justify their box-behaviour. And unfortunately, the verses quoted are mostly used out of context. When it suits the box-people, the Mosaic law doesn’t apply anymore. Until they see a person with a tattoo. Or a bald head woman like me. Then they will quote from the same law they otherwise shun. Why is that?

I grew up in a house where make-up, slacks, and nail polish were regarded as sin. Any person wearing those were considered a sinner. My father was a box-person. Oh and don’t forget dancing and watching movies. People that danced for fun or watched movies, were sinners. No wonder I had so much baggage about religion as a young adult.

Anyway. After thinking long and hard about it today, I came to a conclusion. If you are still trying to put people in boxes, you are still in a box yourself. You have not really experienced the freedom that Christ wants you to have. Once you really grasp the concept of His unconditional love, you will love others much easier. Once you really grasp the concept of freedom through the new covenant, you won’t constantly try to get others into the box with you. If you are still judging people by their outer appearance, you have a problem. I suggest you deal with it. Preferably before you see me with my bald head again…. I must just laugh at you when you try to get me into the box…. 🙂


daily bread…


For years I have been using Bible reading plans and devotionals. And more times than I can remember, I have been utterly amazed at how applicable a daily piece of reading was to my exact situation that day. I have often sat back and wondered whether God inspired me to use that specific book or plan, because he inspired the author to use that particular verse, for that particular day, knowing that on that day, I was going to need it. It sounds far fetched, but my God is the God of the impossible, so why not?

Reading God’s word daily, is imperative. It is food for our souls and weapenry for the war we are engaged in. Without it, we go hungry and we are defenseless. If you don’t fill yourself with the word, you won’t have a verse ready to pull out in defense when fear threatens to overwhelm you. We are overcome with fear and worry, because we don’t have an arsenal of scriptures ready to fight it off. We stress over trivial issues because we are not full of the word.

The Bible has so many promises from God that we can hold on to. I encourage you to find a daily promise to add to your arsenal. Make time for it. You are going to need it!

in His footsteps…


My husband and I took a long walk on the beach a few days ago. At one stage, I was behind him, trying to walk in his footprints. His steps are however so far apart, that I battled to imitate him. My legs are just too short to give such enormous steps!

While I was trying, I suddenly thought of our lifelong attempt to ‘walk in the footsteps’ of Jesus. We want to be like Jesus. We want to live our lives as Jesus lived His. But try as we may, we just cannot live the holy life Jesus lived. We fail daily. Miserably. Daily, we disappoint ourselves.

But hope is found in the Word!

Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Just keep trying. God sees you as holy through the work that Jesus did on the cross. I read a book once – ‘Failing Forward’. And that is how we are. We keep failing, but through grace, we keep going forward. Get up and try again. There is no condemnation, so don’t let guilt keep you from trying again.

Live your life, failing forward.