#100marymoments no.4 – a passionate smile


I hate public bathrooms. I have a thing about people who do not wash their hands after using the toilet, and in public bathrooms you see it all the time. I always see a smart lady walk out of the toilet cubicle, pause in front of the mirror just long enough to fix her hair before she walks out of the door with unwashed hands. It always freaks me out. I am at the point where I hate touching anything in there. Picture this: if the door to the ladies automatically closes, I grab some toilet paper on my way out of the toilet cubicle. After I have washed my hands, that extra toilet paper is used to close the tap and open the door. Balancing on one foot while the other holds the door, I aim for the rubbish bin with the used toilet paper. And I usually miss. Which means I have to go pick it up off the dirty floor and wash my hands again. This little ritual could be repeated several times until I hit the target; I am sure you get the picture.

Tonight I am at Lanseria airport waiting for my husband. Luckily here, the door to the bathroom remains open. Much easier. I was vigorously shaking the water from my hands after washing them when I heard her soft voice next to me: “here you are Mam”. In her hands she had two sheets of towel paper. Yes TWO! No person ever gets it right with just one anyway. I was so surprised. She had such a lovely smile! It really touched my heart.

As I sat down for a cup of coffee, she wondered into my mind again.

She is a toilet cleaner. It is a job that I, with all my hangups about hygiene, will never survive. And yet, she is doing her job with a smile. With passion. With kindness. It is mind-blowing to me.

Imagine what life would be like if we all start doing what we are supposed to do, with a passionate smile and an attitude of kindness. Imagine such a world. Just imagine it.



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