#100marymoments no.2 – the spice of life


Since I started this blog, it has been my Mary-place; a place where I just ramble on about the things I am battling with. Things I ponder on. Things I don’t understand. Problems for which I don’t have answers. Problems for which I have found answers. Whenever I share spiritual insight, I share something God spoke to ME about – I am by no means preaching or condemning anybody. In blogging, I make myself vulnerable. I open my heart to the readers; many of you I have never met. I cannot blog wondering about who will be offended. Then this blog will be a frustration instead of the therapy I found it to be. This is my space. You are not obliged to read it. You chose to read it the day you typed in your email address to subscribe. And you have the right to unsubscribe at any time. I will not be offended. I don’t even know how many followers this blog has; it is not important to me. If you choose to leave, go in peace. No hard feelings.

If you choose to stay, grab a cup of coffee and join me for some ‘broom for my brain’ moments. Mary moments. in a Martha world.


Moroccan House. What a place! I can’t believe I only discovered this amazing place yesterday. I have been driving past it for years and years and never noticed it. Make time to go there. I went with a group of ladies who share my interest in crochet. Just to relax, laugh and crochet.


And eat. Of course we had to eat.



The experience is difficult to put in words. It is a place that entices all of your senses. The bright colours is a feast for your eyes. The smell of spices grabs your attention at the door already. Every bit of food is a taste explosion in your mouth. The soft Moroccan music in the background is relaxing without being invading. The silk throws want to be embraced; I couldn’t keep my hands off it and eventually ended up buying one. I just had to have it. Bright colours in smooth textures, words fail me.


What grabbed my attention most, is the salt, pepper and spice containers on the table.


Are they not beautiful?

They reminded me of the saying: “variety is the spice of life”. So many people have said that in justification of a sinful life. I don’t think that is what it should be. I see it in a totally different light. There is variety in different cultures. There is variety in different perceptions. There is variety in different opinions. It makes life on earth interesting and yet challenging. Our natural instinct is to try and convert people to what we believe, our way of doing, our way of thinking and if they do not conform, we are so easily offended. Offence is taken. Offence is not given. Think about it. Very few people will do something with the deliberate intent to cause offence. Offence is taken when whatever has been done or said is perceived in a different way that what it was meant to be. Should we not maybe choose to rather not take offence, instead of choosing to take offence?

I am at a delicate place in my life. I have so many thoughts running around in my head, so many concepts I don’t understand, so many principles that don’t make sense anymore. I doubt some things I have firmly believed in for a lifetime. I am at a place where I wrestle with God over many things. I have some answers, but there are many that I am still waiting for. There are many things I am unsure of, but there are some I am very sure of. Variety is what I am sure of. People differ. People’s journey through life differ. People’s experiences differ. People’s sufferings and how they react to it, differ. There is just one common thing in all of us: our need for unconditional love and acceptance, our need for empathy and sympathy. If we have not walked the same road as another person, how can we judge his walk? If we have not suffered the same sickness, how can we criticise his battle with it?

In 1709, Alexander Pope coined the phrase: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. Let’s slow down a bit. Let’s not condemn. Let’s not judge. Let’s give a little bit more space to those who think differently. Let’s respect another’s right to a different opinion. Let’s choose to embrace the variety in the world. Let’s stop trying to convert people to our way of thinking, our way of doing. Just let them be. Just give love. Just give sympathy. Just give empathy. That is our biggest testimony – just love. People need to SEE Jesus in us before they will listen to any conversation about Him.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your posting Hilda, most beautifully said. Moroccan house is great, I love the sense of space and place one experiences there – it is exactly how living in Arabia feels like every single day. It is simply magical and I feel so at home in the Middle East, I really struggled settling back into SA living during our few months there. It is the flavours, sents and tastes of the Middle East I missed most. therefore Moroccan House became our space where we hung out week after week (they also sell their food at the Hazelfood market). The kids and I brekkie, brunch or lunch at Moroccan House every single Saturday for 3 months before we left Pretoria. Knowing the cost of items in Marrakech, they are also not expensicpve on their merchandise. Did you see the crocheted spit guards for camels? It is hanging from a hook on the staircase between the ground and 1st levels. Next time, ask Joehann (not sure about the spelling now) the owner (he is an architect) to take you on a tour through the guest suites – it features the most beautiful verandas.


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