#100marymoments no.1 – silence


The sun was so comforting on my back that I could do nothing else but close my eyes and allow its warmth to flood me. Waves of warm comfort broke over me and flowed to the coldest corners of my mind and heart. Soothing. Relaxing. Gently warming me to the point where the ice in my heart started to melt away.

A soft, gentle breeze starting playing with my hair. Lifting it this way, dropping it that way, inviting me to sweep the cobwebs out of my mind. It gently blew some old hurts out of the corner onto my lap and in a little twirl, took it away, away, away….

I thought I sat in silence but suddenly there was so much sound… The wind playing around my face, rustling the leaves in the tree above me… The hefty conversation of the Babblers… The mocking call of the Grey Go-away Bird … A lonely bee buzzing busily in and out of the sweet flowers… Cicadas somewhere in the veld… The goslings chattering away under the watchful eye of the adults… The call of the lamb to its mother… A finch male showing off his newly built nest… The Red-eyed Dove relentlessly instructing me “sit ‘n bietjie soontoe…sit ‘n bietjie soontoe”…

What is silence? The absence of noise or the absence of sound? I don’t need the absence of sound. I need the absence of noise. I would much rather spend countless hours listening to the beautiful sounds of nature, than listen to one more empty monologue. Empty monologues from empty people equals noise.


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