Appreciate the basics


I met him many years ago – he was an orthodox Jew. For fear of exposing him, I will not tell you his whole story. The important part is that eventually, after a lot of prayer by a large team of committed people, he converted to Christianity. What struck me about him was his amazing commitment to prayer. He prayed for hours at a time. He regularly climbed the mountain and spend long times in prayer up there. You see – he was absolutely amazed that he could speak to God directly. Jahweh wasn’t a name he wasn’t allowed to utter anymore – Jahweh became his friend.

Now look at this video of Chinese people receiving Bibles for the first time.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we as Christians be as appreciative of the privileges of prayer and a Bible in our own language? When last did you spend time praying? When last did you study the Word?

Food for thought.


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