#100awesomedays no.40 – my family


I am busy with a heritage blanket, a special blanket that will carry forth memories about me. Last night I was discussing a piece of this blanket with my husband and three of our daughters. I wanted to know what I should put in the piece. At first the discussion was lighthearted and full of jokes. There was even a suggestion that I should leave a gap in the blanket – the symbol of my forgetfulness! But in the end, we agreed that the piece should contain the colour orange as it is my favourite colour and that the piece should be made with an advanced technique. So here it is, along with the symbolism behind it.

The symbolism behind it? God is the center of our family and will always be. He keeps us all together. We as a family are all interlocked. We can stay far from each other, but we will always be part of each other. Distance can never separate our hearts. Oceans cannot take us apart. Our oldest daughter lives in New Zealand with her husband. Our son lives in Cape Town and we still have three daughters in the house. A family interlocked forever. I am so thankful!


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