#100awesomedays no.?? – What happened??


My train derailed. Life ran away with me. I only realised today that I missed quite a few #awesomedays! So sad! So disappointing! Oh well. I will just carry on where I left off. At least I can confirm that every day so far had indeed been a happy day. Not because everything went according to plan, but because I get up every morning with the firm decision that I will rejoice in the day God has given me. It works. When I lean towards a bad mood, I worship until the good mood returns – usually quite fast too. This is very good advice I am sharing here with you by the way. You should really try it. Get up in the morning and decide to have a good day. And if you feel your joy is leaving you, start praising God until the joy returns. It’s works!

Sorry for the silence….. I will fix it up!


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