#100awesomedays no.38 – bending the rules



You might wonder how today’s blog fits in with an awesome day. Well, the revelation to me is awesome.

Social media has transformed society. We are living in a global village where it is as easy to talk to a person on the other side of the world as it is to talk to your neighbour. We stay up to date with each other through Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms. It is very convenient, very enjoyable, and yet, extremely annoying. Why? Because people bend the rules constantly.

Every Facebook group has a set of rules governing the group. Every Facebook group has members who constantly bend or ignore the rules. It is as if people consider themselves so special that rules do not apply to them. Unfortunately, the same attitude has made its way to the rest of our world. People don’t obey traffic signs. People steal through illegal copies of movies and music. People steal intellectual property through copyright infringement. It gets justified with a simple “but everybody does it”!

We cry out in anger when thieves break into our homes and steal our stuff, yet we steal through pirate copies of other people’s publications, be it written media, sewing patterns, music, movies, etc. We point our fingers at others not obeying the law, yet we ignore the traffic laws constantly. Everything WE do is okay, we are special, we don’t have to live by laws – everything THEY do is wrong, they have to keep the law. Convenient isn’t it?

We have the same attitude with God’s laws. We think we are special. We think we don’t have to stick to the rules. We think God understands us; He will understand our little sins of disobedience. We are special!


God is looking for people whose minds have been renewed. People who do not conform to the standards the world sets. People who will stand up for what is right. People who will steadfastly DO what is right, regardless of the cost. This is a tall order. Think about your own life. I dare you – make a list of the things you do that equates to bending the rules, breaking the rules, breaking the country’s laws, breaking God’s laws, etc. I dare you. You are in for a nasty surprise. I consider myself a law-abiding citizen and I found a lot of things I should change. Right now. Starting with the nice image op top. Change could be as simple as giving credit: picture taken from http://chic-type.com/blog/fridays-typographic-treats-044/

Other areas might not be as easy to straighten out. But we have to do it. If we want to impact the world for Jesus, we cannot conform to the world.


I would like to read your opinion! Leave a comment.

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