#100awesomedays no.37 – prayer



Wednesday evening is prayer meeting evening. As a child, I used to hate prayer meetings. I could not understand how people could pray for so long! It was not only the ‘how’ that bothered me, the ‘what’ also confused me. What on earth did they pray about? How could they have so much to say that it took them an entire hour to do it?

Today I know that prayer requires an intimate relationship with the Father. If you have that intimacy, an hour goes by so incredibly fast. It is like a conversation with a very good friend – time passes by far too quickly! Unfortunately, most people pray out of habit or guilt. They pray because they have to, not because they want to. They go to God with a personal grocery list instead of including the Kingdom of God in the prayer.

Time is running out. The harvest waiting in the field needs people to pray. I challenge you to up your prayer life. It is life changing. It is addictive. It is a passion for the presence of God.


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