#100awesomedays no.31 – Eskom…..


Just when the prayer meeting started last night, the power went off. Over the entire Hartbeespoort area. And with it not being full moon, it was really pitch black darkness. We weren’t bothered in the least – we continued to pray fervently. When we got home, it was the same black darkness that welcomed us. It continued well into the night – Eskom had some technical problem in our area.

We associate darkness with evil, with the absence of God and with depression. And rightly so. I still remember the black emptiness inside of me when I was far from God. I still remember the many months of depression that engulfed me a couple of years ago. I also remember God pulling me out of it.

David prays in Psalm 51:12 – Restore unto me, the joy of thy salvation. David knew he had something to be joyful about. He just totally lacked the power to pick himself up and actually be joyful. And yet, we need our joy to get through life! Nehemia 8:10 – ….the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Turn to God today and ask Him to restore the joy of your salvation. Your joy in the Lord is your strength. You can do it. Lift your head and look to Jesus.


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