#100awesomedays no.25 – exercise!



It is time. Time to get exercising again and time to change my eating habits. I firmly believe that we should look after ourselves and do everything possible to remain in good health. I have neglected this aspect for about 5 years now! Five years of being lazy! Bad I know. But I am getting back on track again.

Most people are quite aware of their physical health. They have exercise routines, they watch what they eat, they are aware of their weight, but on the spiritual side there is nothing happening. No awareness. No exercise. No self discipline. We so easily neglect the spiritual person while we are looking after the natural person.

What does your spiritual person look like? Overweight from being fed every Sunday but not giving the food in return to other people who needs encouragement? Or are you spiritually starved as you haven’t been to church in a long time? Do you discipline your spiritual intake or do you feed yourself junk in the form of tv shows and books that takes you away from God? Think about it for a while. Pray like David in Psalm 51 and ask God to search your heart. Change your habits if you have to. Start looking after the spiritual person too!


I would like to read your opinion! Leave a comment.

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