#100awesomedays no.21 – He knows


I started a shawl today. A Hartlam Darling shawl. Hartlam is among the most exclusive yarns available in South Africa. What makes it so special is not only the amazing blend of natural fibres, but also the exquisite handpainted colours.

This is just the beginning. What will it look like in the end? Do you know? Obviously not! You have no idea of the design I can see in my mind’s eye. Will my pattern work out? You bet it will. Why? Because I am a master crochet artitst. My designs always work out.

Is it not the same with our lives? We can only see the present. And even the present doesn’t always make sense. What lies in the future is a total mystery to us. We don’t always understand God’s plan. We cannot see the master plan He has for each of us. Yet we can rest assured that the Master of the Universe has a plan for each one of us. A detailed plan. A plan that WILL work out – He is the Master after all! He never makes mistakes. What a comforting thought.

Go to bed tonight in the sound knowing that God is in still in control, and He will always be. Leave your life in His hands – He will make it all work out.


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