#100awesomedays no.20 – no fear


No fear. A couple of years back we saw those words on cars, motorbikes, skateboards and clothing. Many a wall showed it off in graffiti form. School children wrote it on their school bags. It was shouted by coaches and chanted by sorts teams. A huge part of the world was declaring a life without fear. Sadly, talk is cheap. In this case, it was often just talk. Promises, promises.

To live without fear takes discipline. It is a daily decision to trust in God regardless of your circumstances. Yes fear will come! That is the enemy’s weapon and he is diligent after all. Fear will come. But what you do with the fear determines the outcome! You can choose to submit to the fear and it will become more crippling and debilitating as it increases and gets worse. Or you can choose to stand on the Word of God, rebuke the fear and carry on in freedom. Even if you are shaking on the inside, live out faith on the outside. Even if you are trembling with fear, confess faith. Don’t yield to fear! Fear is the opposite of faith.

For the rest of my life I will remember 2014 as the year that I overcame fear. Fear in many forms. Fear for my safety. Fear for our finances. Fear for the future of my children. Today I am free. FREE. I decided to resist and overcome fear. When I made the decision, God granted the strength. That is the secret! Make a decision! Then God can help you. As long as you are wavering in your faith, God will not help you – read James 1.

Tonight, I can proclaim that I am free!



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