#100awesomedays no.17 – the ladies camp is booked!


Today’s blog is an invitation and request. An invitation to every lady to attend our ladies camp at the end of October. A request to every person reading this to forward it to a lady that needs a bit of encouragement.

But the blog is also about being thankful. Just think for a minute how much you have to be thankful for. I am so grateful for this ladies camp that is coming up. Thankful to be a part of it. Thankful that we can still attend camps like this without being persecuted. Thankful that I am part of this amazing spiritual family. Thankful that my husband will not moan about me attending the camp, on the contrary!

Wow people, if we start to count our blessings, we will realise that they far outnumber our problems. We just need to adjust our focus a bit. Decide to live a life of thankfulness!



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