#100awesomedays no.16 – heritage



I started working on a heritage blanket this week. A blanket that will reflect me and that one of my children can inherit one day. It is a project started by one of the biggest crochet groups ons facebook called ‘Ons Hekel’. On the photo above is a glimpse of a piece of my blanket.

This project took me back once again to a question I have blogged about many times. It’s a question I believe, that we should ask ourselves regularly. We should even go so far as to be accountable to each other on this point. The question? What is the legacy I will leave behind?

What will people think of first when they remember me? What will my children miss about me? What kind of behaviour will be associated with my memory? Will my memory one day be a good one to the people I will leave behind?

It’s a difficult question and most people will just assume they will leave behind a good legacy. But when you delve deeper, when you really start some serious introspection and allow God to work in your heart, you might find some things that are not so nice. Things you don’t want people to remember when you are no longer around.

It is time for me again to delve a little deeper. To evaluate myself against the example set by Jesus. To evaluate myself against the Scriptures. What will I leave behind? What will you leave behind?


I would like to read your opinion! Leave a comment.

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