#100awesomedays no.14 – let go and let God



They were born yesterday afternoon, the one much smaller than the other. We were worried about the extremely cold conditions and wondered whether they would make it through the night. Our human instinct is to interfere with nature, to take the kids away from the ewe and keep them inside where it is warm. Experience taught us not to. We were pleasantly surprised today to find both the kids alive and well.

Humans battle with this interfering thing. We don’t only tend to interfere with nature; we also tend to interfere with God. We pray and ask God to make a way, only to end the prayer and start making our own plans without asking for any guidance. We pray for lost loved ones, but at the first encounter thereafter, we don’t show them love, we show them condemnation. We give our problems to God and take them all right back just when the prayer is over. We quote the comforting scriptures, but yet roll around with worry instead of enjoying a worry-free, good night’s sleep. When will be really learn to let go and let God?


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