#100awesomedays no.12 – He provides


Jehovah Jireh. Our provider. He supplies all our needs. He even gives us the desires of our hearts. But let’s talk about something else. I feel like throwing a curve ball tonight.

Our congregation currently has special midweek services with visiting pastor, Deon Hockey. The worship is phenomenal. The teachings are revelational. Yet, the attendance is disappointing to say the least. Why? Because Christians are among the laziest people in the world.

We walk around crying due to physical aches and pains, but we are too busy with our pity parties to go to church and be healed in the corporate anointing. We cry out to God for wisdom, insight and direction, but we are so absorbed in our own lives that there is no time to attend a special service where the Holy Spirit is operating through the prophetic gift. We want from God, o yes! Our lists of demands are long! But give a bit more of ourselves? Unthinkable.

We are lazy. We are selfish. We are fast asleep. No wonder the world is not interested in the church. The church isn’t even interested in the church. What a shame!

I am so thankful for the services this week. God has picked me up. He has motivated me. He has blessed me. He has healed me. How blessed I am to be part of these services! The photo below is that of Pastor Deon Hockey and his wife Charmaine. What a couple. If you ever hear they are ministering anywhere near you, GO! God’s anointing is heavy on them. You will be blessed out of your boots and socks!



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