#100awesomedays no.4 – Lord thank You for the food…



I am writing this blog with a full tummy. This little lunchbox on the photo is mine. And my dearest husband packs it for me every day of the week. Every day at work I have food to eat. Food that has been lovingly prepared and packed just for me. I am spoiled I know. But I am thankful. Extremely thankful.

I just read about the situation in Rustenburg. It’s so sad to hear about seven families living in one house; people that have lost their vehicles, their homes, everything; jobless fathers who cannot provide for their families; long lines of people queueing for a small food parcel; children abundantly happy that today they will have something to eat, even if it is just a food parcel they have to share among each other. I cried when I read it. We are so blessed. Blessed in abundance. We have a fridge full of meat and cupboards packed with food, cold drink, coffee and other luxuries. My heart is pouring out thankfulness towards God.

And yet…. there is racism in all of this. I saw a post on facebook of a huge donation for that area and a person commented that she hoped the donated goods will be given to the white people. Really? Are only white people hungry? Are only white people cold in the winter? Are only white children in need when there is no food in the house? I get so angry at comments like this! When will people move beyond skin colour and just see a human being in need? Which brings me to another point.

What should we do? Should we all help the Rustenburg people? If you feel led by the Spirit to do so, by all means, yes! But what about the people living right next to you that are in the same situation? What about the little children in your neighbourhood that goes to school barefoot and snotty nosed in this cold? Are you going to look passed them because of their skin colour?

Acts 1:8 – …. ye shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Be a witness right there where you are, in your Jerusalem, your area where you live. Show Jesus to the people THERE. Lend a helping hand there. Don’t look at the colour of somebody’s skin before you help – Jesus did not do that. Just help. Then you can start with Samaria, the region where you live, the rest of South Africa. And then, maybe then, start looking at the rest of the earth.

Say a special prayer of thanksgiving tonight for your dinner. There are many people right now, right across the world, who do not have the privilege of a plate of food, freshly prepared, hot out of the kitchen. Be thankful for another awesome day, with awesome food and awesome people in your life. As for me, I will say a special thanksgiving prayer for my awesome husband!


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