#100awesomedays no.1 – It starts with me…


How blessed I am to have a Godly husband! He is a Joshua; with him as the leader, we as a family serve the Lord together. No we are not a perfect family – we have our moments of house molest just like any other. But we are committed to serving Jesus through it all.


A few years ago, I bought Stormie Omartian’s book “The power of a praying wife”. I started reading with enthusiasm, ready to pray for every weakness in my husband that I could find. Surprise, surprise. The first prayer in that book can be summarised in three words: “Lord, change me”.

Are we not all guilty of that mindset at times? We can act so holy and point out so much unholy behaviour in others. We so easily justify our own behaviour while we condemn the behaviour of others. We tend to focus on our own wants and needs while ignoring the needs of others. We are so selfish in our demands. So unlike Jesus. We want to change every other person, but we don’t want to change. Changing the world starts with changing ourselves,

Let’s change our prayers to “Lord, change me”.


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