Big man, small man…which are you?


I had conversations with two different men last week, both of them having a huge impact on me, for very different reasons.

The first man is tall, very tall. He is a big man with broad shoulders and big hands, you get the picture. But his spirit-man is small and insignificant. His faith is weak. His relationship with God is questionable. Oh he goes to church, but the evidence of his life speaks much louder than the fact that he sits in church on Sundays. In the spirit, he is a midget.

The other man was just as big many years ago. Today however, he is small and he sits in a wheelchair. His physical body shrunk away due to the lack of movement in his muscles. His arms and hands are still strong, but he is so much smaller than what he used to be. He is not a picture of masculine health and virility at all. But his spirit-man is a giant. He knows who he is in Christ. That certainty and confidence shines out of his eyes.

The world today is so painfully aware of physical appearances. Both men and women are obsessed with weight, six-packs and outward beauty. We climb on our scales just about daily to see how we are performing against the standard that the world has set. But what about our spirit-persons? If we were as concerned about our spiritual health as we are about our physical looks, we could have taken the world for Jesus.

We are spirit just as God is spirit. Our spirits are the part that will continue the journey after our physical bodies have died. Does that fact not warrant more attention to the spirit-person? What do you look like in the spirit? Are you a giant or a midget?


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