A better way to pray


He was slouching on his couch, lamenting that God has not yet answered his prayer. In one sentence, he confessed faith AND unbelief. “I believe God will give me a job, when I don’t know. Clearly He has his own time”. And he said that with quite a disrespectful attitude. I was shocked. In front of him on the floor were the products of a temporary job somebody offered to him. A temporary job that if he chose to work instead of moan, he could earn R8000 per month. In the comfort of his home. But because he was moaning about God not answering, he was earning R50 a day instead of the potential R400.

It made me angry. God did answer his prayer. God provided him with a means of income. Instead of being thankful for what God provided, he was moaning because God didn’t not provide it in the way he wanted it. How arrogant.

The worst of all – we are all like that at times in our lives. We want to prescribe to God what He should do. Instead of just asking and being thankful for whatever He chooses to do. Who do we think we are? God is not our slave. God is not our puppet. God is almighty!

A while ago I listed to a serious of teachings by Andrew Wommack titled “A better way to pray”. This incident reminded me of those again. I think we should all work towards an attitude of thankfulness. If we just look around us, there are many things we could immediately be thankful for. Let’s rather approach our Father with thanksgiving and praise instead of a long grocery and demands list!


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