WALK in faith, don’t WAIT in faith!


I got fantastic news this morning. News that made me realise again that God is faithful and that God rewards those who WALK steadfastly in faith.

I never met David Oyebisi in real life, but we have been friends for a while. We ‘met’ on social media as we were both students at Unisa and had some subjects together. David recently completed his degree and he wanted to further his studies by doing an honours degree in IT Management. He didn’t have an income, he couldn’t afford the studies, he wasn’t an South African citizen but he had one thing going for him – faith. David prayed and he believed that God would provide for him. In faith, he enrolled at the University of Johannesburg for his honours degree, without knowing where the money would come from. He knew God would not let him down. He messaged me this morning: he has a sponsor. A sponsor from America that will pay his FULL tuition fee! Praise the Lord! He is faithful and worthy to be praised!

While I was rejoicing with him, the heading of this blog came to me. We have to WALK in faith. We should not WAIT in faith – that is not faith. Through the entire Bible, there are countless example where people had to WALK and DO in faith. Without even picking up my Bible, I can quickly think of a few!

  • The Israelites were sent to Jericho and for 7 days they walked around the city, in faith that God will give it to them. Do you think it was easy for them? I don’t think so! They must have thought of the eminent danger they were going into. They must have wondered just how God was going to do this. They had to go and do in faith, only then did God move!
  • God sent Elijah to the brook Cherith with a promise that the ravens would fee him. Can you imaging something like that? Put yourself in his shoes! He had to go there in faith, only then did the ravens come!
  • In the same chapter you will read that God sent him to Zarephath with a promise that a widow would look after him. God didn’t provide anything before he walked in faith! Only then did God provide.
  • Jesus sent his disciples to Bethphage telling them they will find a donkey there. Did God provide the donkey there and then? No! They had to walk in faith first!

We are a generation that battles to take God on His word. We want God to provide first, before we will do anything. That is not faith. We cannot please God that way. God clearly says in His word that we can only please Him through faith. We sit and wait for something divine to happen before we will act. Instead of acting and causing something divine to happen!

Let me give you some food for thought: if you are constantly worrying about things going wrong, you have more trust in the devil’s ability to persecute you, than what you have in God to protect you.

Stop focusing on your circumstances. Stop focusing on what could go wrong. Start DOING and WALKING in faith so that God can show you His wonder-working power!


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