Don’t miss the purpose of your life


It is in the early hours of the morning and I am babysitting a little filly. Now and then I hear the call of the jackal and the neighbour’s dogs that respond angrily to it. But that is far off. Around me all is peaceful and quiet. Last night I sat here listening to an owl. I wonder if he will show up again tonight.

Obviously in such silence, the voice of God is so much clearer. I think Satan is flooding the world with noise so that we won’t be able to hear the still, small voice of God. This silence is precious. I love silence. Many people freak out at silence; I am content in silence. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time in my life when I avoided silence. I kept myself occupied and surrounded with noise as I could not face the thoughts that came in silence. Today however, I love it. I have learned to be content with my own company and I have inner peace. Peace I did not have some years ago. Today, silence is a necessity to me. I need it. I treasure it. I love it. But silence is not what I want to blog about.

I am at a place in my life that relates to Peter walking on water. In a sense, I am walking on water. I am doing the seemingly impossible. I am pursuing the unthinkable. It goes against everything society expects. And I love it. But sitting here thinking about it, I realised something. You can’t walk on water unless you have learned to trust in God and nothing else. As long as your trust is in anything earthly, you won’t make it. And to get to the point where your focus is on God and God alone, takes time, commitment and lots of obedience.

So often people fret over their life purpose when they are far from ready to fulfill it. God is busy leading you towards your life purpose. He is constantly preparing you for something bigger. Don’t waste time and energy wondering what your purpose is. Stay focussed on building a relationship with God. Stay focussed on hearing His voice and obeying without a second thought. Only when you have proven yourself in the little things, can God give you the big thing. There will come a time when suddenly you are challenged to get out of the boat and do the unthinkable. That day you will know your life purpose. For today, just focus on being faithful. Be faithful and be obedient. Focus on trusting in God alone. Check your heart every day to make sure you don’t put your security in anything else.

When God has your full focus and trust, He will call you out of the boat.


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  1. Dis n wonderlike gedagte vir die dag. Ek word soms ook soo vasgevand in alerdaagse dinge en kyk in die wereld se proebleme vas. Terwyl al wat ek moet doen is my oë op Hom rug. Dankie vir die mooi blog.


  2. Ek stem eerstens saam met jou stelling oor stilte. Tydens ons vakansie het ek met my voete in die see gestaan met my oë toe en ek het net geluister na die seemeeue en die see. Dan voel jy daardie stil plek binne in jou. En die wêreld (Satan) wil daardie stilte beslis vernietig. En dan die mees “Powerful” gedagte van jou stukkie: “Don’t waste time and energy wondering what your purpose is. Stay focused on building a relationship with God.”. Hoeveel keer beur ons vorentoe en jaag iets in die toekoms terwyl ons besig is om die “nou” tyd saam met ons Vader te verbeur? Ek is self skuldig aan hierdie gedrag. Dankie vir die sielskos Hilda.


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