Faith without wings is no faith….


It is easy to confess faith – talk is cheap. It is easy to confess that you have faith in the promises of God. It is easy to sings songs about faith when you stand in church. It is easy to tell people that you trust in God and God alone.

But there comes a time, when talking is no longer sufficient. There comes a time when you have to DO in faith. When you have to spread your wings and jump off the cliff, really trusting God to keep you flying. THAT is real faith.

You will only know that your faith has developed into a strong muscle the day you stand at the cliff ready to jump. Only then will you know whether you really depend on God alone. If you are still frantically looking around to see who is close by to help you, you have been lying to yourself all the time. If you are still hoping in people to provide the breakthrough, you are not really trusting in God alone. It’s that moment when you realise this is it – it’s all or nothing – that faith comes out of you as strong as a giant. It is at that moment that you will realise it’s God and nothing else. It’s at that moment when you wings open and you feel the wind of Holy Spirit lifting you that you will realise how easy faith really is.

We tend to look to the seen things, the problems, the obstacles, the what-if’s. And as long as we are staring at those, our faith cannot rise. Look away from your problems today. Look full towards God. Spread your wings and fly.


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