Psalm 46:10


I have been fasting and trusting God for three weeks now. I had a problem and I needed an answer. I have stubbornly been holding on in faith, waiting for the breakthrough to come.  The little verse in Psalm 46:10 crossed my mind often during this time.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

I have pondered on this verse many times in my life. I have sung the little chorus about this verse many times in my life. The verse is comforting to say the least. I have even blogged about it more than once.

Last night though, this verse became alive to me.

I am a sound sleeper. I love my sleep. And I don’t suffer from insomnia. If I wake up in the middle of the night for no rhyme or reason, I know from experience that God wants to share something with me. So this morning at 02h00 when I was wide-eyed, I simply asked God what He wanted to do in me. I simply declared my availability like little Samuel did. And God told me to be quiet. It was strange to me – I was quiet in my bed, not moving and not saying in word! How quiet was I supposed to be? My mind was trying to figure out what God wanted, when again I was told to be quiet. I realised that I had to quiet my mind. I had to stop thinking. I had to just listen. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stop thinking? My thoughts wanted to run in every possible direction in rebellion! It was so hard to keep my focus on God alone and not allow any thoughts to enter my mind.

In that stillness, breakthrough came. I got the answer I have been waiting for.

We live in a world of constant noise. Silence is rare. It’s difficult to hear God in the noise of everyday life. I encourage you to go on a journey, pursuing God in stillness. The experience is amazing.



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