Many of us strive to have to a more intimate relationship with God.  We often fast and pray to draw closer to Him.  We seek after Him with all our hearts.  And still we miss it.  I missed it last night.  And I was so disappointed with myself.

Let me first give your the background.  We have a filly on the plot – she was born yesterday in the early hours of the morning.  Obviously the excitement is huge!  So yesterday, just before my husband left for a men’s camp, we moved the mare and her filly, we saw to it that everything was in order for us girls to take care of the animals for the weekend, we packed my husband’s car and then he left.  And somehow in all the excitement, the keys of all the outside gates ended up in his car and went with him.

Last night at about 20h00 I was in the kitchen on the way to the back to check up on the filly one last time, before I lock up for the night.  At that moment, I clearly heard God and I knew I had to check on the keys before I lock everything up.  I looked up at the door where the keys normally hang but I got sidetracked immediately and I didn’t check properly.  I went out and I locked the gate.  This morning we found out there were no keys to open the gate.

It wasn’t a huge problem, we cut the lock and I will replace it today.  We had quite a bit of fun in the process of it.  Point is, I HEARD God, but I didn’t take a moment to really LISTEN.

How often do we fall into that trap?  Afterwards when we have a problem to sort out, we reflect back and think “but I knew this was going to happen”.  That was God warning you.  How often do we take a road somewhere only to end up in a horrible traffic jam, then we sit in the car and think “I knew I had to take the other route”. That was God warning you.  God’s plans for us are good plans.  God doesn’t send us trials to test us.  God doesn’t make our lives miserable to teach us that He is sovereign.  God doesn’t send us sickness just because He can. All the troubles and tribulations in our lives are the result of us HEARING but not LISTENING.

Pray today that God will make you even more sensitive to that still small voice of the Holy Spirit.  So that we will listen.  Our lives will be so much simpler when we start to LISTEN and DO instead of just hearing and walking away.


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