Who defines you?


Have you ever heard about a lady by the name of Joanna in the Bible?  Probably not.  Her name is noticed by few.  Let me introduce you.

Joanna was a follower of Jesus.  Yes, really.  Her name is mentioned twice only, both times in the book of Luke.  In Luke 8:3 we read that she was the wife of Chuza, one of Herod’s stewards.  This is the same Herod that beheaded John the baptist.  His father was Herod who killed the small Jewish boys, trying to get rid of Jesus.  We also read that she provided for Jesus and the disciples from her own means.  We find her name again in Luke 24:10 – she was one of the women who went down to grave, only to find it empty.  And that is all we know about her.  Or is it?

If you think about this situation for a while, there is something we can learn from Joanna, something that might slip right past you if you don’t meditate on it for a while.  Joanna’s husband was a steward for the king.  Jesus was the enemy of the king.  Imagine the conversations that probably took place in that household between Joanna and Chuza.  Take into account also the role of a woman in that culture.  It is actually a huge honour to have her name mentioned twice in the book of Luke!

Joanna wasn’t defined by her womanhood.
Joanna wasn’t defined by the culture she lived in.
Joanna wasn’t defined by her devotion to her husband.
Joanna wasn’t defined by her devotion to the king.
Joanna was defined by Jesus.

Regardless of everything else.

Who defines you?


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