Trade your anxiety for peace


Yesterday I came upon a scripture I know quite well.  But when I read it yesterday, it really struck me again.

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Such a short verse with such a big message.  Do not be anxious about ANYTHING.  Tough call hey?  You are probably thinking “yeah, easier said than done”.  That is exactly what I thought yesterday.  How do I get my mind to stop being anxious.  How do I stop worrying?  I try to think of other things, but before I know it, my mind is back at the problems for which I do not have solutions.  Good news – I found the answer.

The answer is right there in the same verse.  We need to come before God with thanksgiving.  Then His peace will overwhelm us.  Do you remember a while ago we spoke about spiritual laws?  Here is one of them.  If you go to God with thanksgiving, His peace WILL come upon you.  It’s a promise.  God never goes back on His word.  But why the thanksgiving?

In order to give thanks, you have to think of the things God has done.
When you think about the things God has done, you realise how big and mighty God is.
When you realise how big God is, your problems become small in comparison.
When the problems become small, His peace overwhelms you.
Suddenly you have the right perspective again!

Simple formula – right there in front of our eyes all this time!

Let me get you started!  Think back about all the times in the past that God came through for you and thank Him for that again – it will remind you again of His goodness, His faithfulness, His power.  Think of His power as creator and thank Him for the beautiful sunrise this morning – do you realise that He created the entire universe and keeps it all running?  This majestic God, that created everything through a word, has given you the right to walk right into His throne-room for a conversation.  Mind-blowing.  Be thankful for that privilege.   Do you realise that all your sins have been forgiven?  Whoa!!!  What a reason to rejoice in thankfulness!

Worrying will not add one moment to your life.  Worrying will not pay one bill for you.  Worrying will not give you the increase you deserve.  Worrying will not pay your debt.  Worrying will not cure you – in fact, it will kill you.

Shall we exchange our anxiety today for that peace that surpasses all understanding?  I think so!



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  1. I want to exchange my anxiety today for that peace that surpasses all understanding. I choose today to give thanks to the Lord for everything in my life. But mostly I want to thank Him for being part of my life.


  2. Hilda,

    Baie dankie vir die boodskap!! Jou bsk is verseker van God af!! Die angs het my die laaste 2 dae erg probeer vernietig… Ek vat die boodskap van God en gaan God se Hand vashou.
    Ek dank God vir n ongelooflike skepping en n goeie lewe met n challenging life journey!!



  3. Hlida I am screaming Hallelujah, while reading, i was reminded of the words of Peter to Jesus, Where else can we go with you are words of eternal life, what you saying here will allow us to await with excitement to be reunited with God our Heavenly Father on his return. Thank you for reaffirming my faith and trust in Jesus, and the encouragement to be thankful for everything is so great, because while i am typing i’m thinking that everything is grace and everything is nothing without grace and this must always bring about peace in our hearts, because grace is an expression of Gods love and if we are aware that God loves us we need not to be filled with anxiety.

    Thanks once again.


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