A water-carrier


When I saw him on the side of the road, I knew he was new in the neighbourhood.  When you drive along a road every morning at 05h00, you get to know the people around at that time of the morning.  He was new.  So I gave him a ride.  God works in mysterious ways – the people that I usually pick up have not been there this morning.  Why I have no idea.  Maybe just so that this man could be alone with me for a few minutes.  Just long enough to find out he is in a bad space at the moment.  He hasn’t been to church for a while.  He feels let-down by his family.  He has no support group.  And right now, life is too tough to handle.  I had just enough time to extend a hand of friendship.  To offer counselling on my husband’s behalf.  To offer him ‘n ride to church.  I had just enough time to quickly throw a few seeds into the ground of his heart and when he got out, I started praying for a harvest.

I was reminded of the picture of a chinese man that walks with a beam across his shoulders, with a pale of water on each end of the beam.  Years ago I even had salt and pepper shakers like that.  The little pales of water could come off the beam and they were the shakers.  In the spirit that is what we all should look like.  Walking around with pales of water, ready to give to the thirsty and the tired along life’s road.  Life is so full of broken people.  If you really look intently, and really listen, you will be amazed at the number of broken people that cross your path daily.  What are we offering them?  Life has become so fast, nobody has time anymore to just spend on another person to help him / her along life’s road.

The water-carrier (www.chinaenvironmentallaw.com )

The water-carrier (www.chinaenvironmentallaw.com )

Decide today to be a water-carrier in the Kingdom of God.  Be ready today to extend some comfort and support to those who need it.  That is what we are called for.


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