Our little trees


We were in our cars, ready to leave for work when I saw it – a young tree obstructing the driveway.  The wind was so strong last night that the young tree could not stay standing.  We had to get out and my husband had to drag the tree out of the way.   I love trees and I love planting trees.   I was sad to see a tree like that.

Driving out I was still thinking about the tree.  It reminded me of our children.  Our children are like young trees in the garden of life.  We as parents have an obligation towards these young trees to keep them standing.  The storms that life today throws at the young children are must worse than those we experienced as teenagers and young adults.  Parents today have a much more difficult job than what our parents had.  Influences today are so much stronger than way back when.  Temptations are so much more.  The constant feed of information is difficult to control.  We can only succeed as parents if we are Godly parents.  God clearly instructs us to raise our children in His ways.

Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The full responsibility of raising a child hit me again this morning while I was driving.  With each child in the house, God entrusted us with a life.  We have to make sure that human being is raised in God’s ways and reaches his / her full potential.  It’s an amazing responsibility, but is a huge and overwhelming one too.  We only get one chance.  The example I set today, I can never change.  I can try for a better one tomorrow, but the bad example will be in my child’s memory forever.

How can parents possibly attempt this huge responsibility without God?  What excuse will they offer one day, when God holds them accountable for a child that doesn’t know God?  That is a truly frightening thought.

What example are you setting dear parent?




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  1. Its true these young trees are so difficult to raise these days cose the world has changed! I have a huge challenge with my young son who is @ versity ! He is constantly keeping me on my toes unlike his elder brother he is way too daring! I trust God to keep him gorunded cose I have laid the foundation when he was young till now!!
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