Cruising along


Most of us are just cruising along life’s road. We cruise along at work. We cruise along in church. We cruise along in our comfort zones and we are excellent at dodging any challenges that might rock our otherwise uneventful world. We are masterful at justifying our uneventful existence. We are quick to defend our apathy and lack of interest. We are generally uninvolved, each just concerned about his / her own little zone of misery.

Sounds terrible, but the more you think about it, the more you will agree with me. I know – I have been thinking about it for a long time now. And I can honestly say that I am sick and tired of my mundane existence. I am sick of cruising along in a comfort zone. I am sick of cruising along in a job just because the salary makes my comfort zone possible.

When Jesus called His disciples, He called them out of their comfort zones. They would never have made it to the pages of our Bibles if they chose to keep cruising along in their uneventful lives. Living our lives to the fullest cannot be done just cruising along.

What are you doing? Are you just cruising along in comfort, scared of change and the uncertainty of something different? Or are you ready to follow where God leads? That dream in your heart, that passion you have suppressed for so long – God placed it there. One day, you will have to explain why you never pursued it. You will have to explain why you chose cruising in your comfort zone instead of choosing the life God planned for you.

I have a dream. And I will never reach that dream as long as I am comfortable with just cruising along on the long, straight road with no scenery at the side. It is time to turn off the highway. It is time to travel the roads less travelled. It is time to change. Auto-cruise off!


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