Silence, a rare luxury


Have you noticed how noise is constantly increasing? There is not a moment of pure silence to be found in our everyday lives. Nowhere. There is a constant drone of people, cars, hooters, dogs, music and other noises that testify of our comfortable lives surrounded by technology. Even if there is no music, no animal sounds, no talking, you will still hear the droning noises of a fridge somewhere, a hard drive spinning, an airplane far off or whatever else. Silence is nowhere to be found anymore.

Even where I live, way out of town, silence is non-existent. The workers yell at each other for some obscure reason. The dogs are playing, the geese are moaning about the dogs, the parrot is talking and an airplane is heading north.

I have such a yearning for silence. The type of silence you find deep in the bushveld where there is nothing but nature. No cellphone reception. No electricity. No man-made noise. My entire being is longing for the type of silence where I would be able to sweep my mind. Silence that will be a broom for my brain.

Do you know that it is easier to draw near to God and to hear God in silence? In silence we become acutely aware of His majesty, His greatness, His power.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

I think the constant noise in our world is part of the evil plan to keep us away from God. Even if complete silence is nowhere to be found, we can still try to get away from the artificial man-made noise at least. Somewhere, sometime, somehow, we need to become still. So that we can know once again, He is God.


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  1. Die geraas in my kop is veel erger…. Ons word oorlaai met radikale info op n daaglikse basis wat die fisiese geluide n lawaai maak… Soms wanneer ek in absolute stilte is kan ek hoor hoe suis my kop van al die info wat ek moet verwerk, dis n gejaag na antwoorde. Antwoorde oor wie is reg, wat is reg, sal ek dit maak in tyd, internet, budget ens ens… Sagte klasieke musiek red my veral Enja. Ek dank God vir mense wat mooi musiek kan maak.


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