Be thankful


Some days are just better than others. Some weeks are just better than others. My week started off on a very bad note. I was due to be on leave for study purposes. I would have been at home, peacefully sitting at my desk, developing an app for an assignment. Instead, I was at work, trying to cope with a very difficult situation and even more difficult people. And on top of that, a laptop that has crashed. Not nice.

By Monday afternoon I was having a very good pity party. I felt so sorry for myself. I was moping and moaning. My job that is normally very satisfying suddenly seemed empty. I was fed-up with the corporate world, ready to wave my job and studies goodbye and become a housewife. Unfortunately, my budget wasn’t yet ready. Well, maybe I should rather say fortunately.

One of my colleagues noticed my sackcloth and ashes attitude and asked me about it. It was nice to have an additional person at my pity party. I immediately served up the cake of my lamentations and some cold drink of my woes. Poor man. He sat and listened to it all. And then, as only a true Godly friend can, he knocked the wind out of my sails.

“Maybe right now, you are just not thankful enough”.

Ouch. Ouch again.

I thought about it till late Monday night. I discussed it with my dearest husband. And I realised that he was absolutely right. I just wasn’t thankful enough. I was focussing on all the things that were not the way I would like them to be and in the process I forgot about all the blessings God showered on me. I had to repent of my stinking attitude.

What is your attitude like today? Are you thankful enough?


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