My Bible, my story…


You can tell a lot about a person by looking at his/her Bible.  The type of Bible can reveal certain things about a person’s character and preferences.  The translation even more so.  A Bible is clear evidence of whether that person has an active, living relationship with God.  You can easily tell whether a Bible is used daily and to what extent.  Some people prefer a Bible with added notes and teachings, others like it without.  Some prefer a leather bound Bible, while others are quite satisfied with a hard cover.  Some prefer easy to read translations such as The Message, others prefer the older translations such as the King James version.  Whatever your preference, I hope your Bible is part of your daily life.

Years ago I had a rainbow bible.  Every verse in the rainbow Bible is colour-coded according to the main theme of the verse.  I simply loved it.  I am a colour person.  I don’t like plain old black and white.  Due to circumstances, I had to replace that Bible and I couldn’t find another rainbow Bible.  I contemplated importing one but the price was terrible, so I just left it.  Yesterday when I walked into the bookshop at church, there it was.  Waiting just for me.  My dearest husband knew I have been searching for another one for a long time and he promptly bought it for me.  I am so happy!

Do you have a Bible?  Do you read it daily?  Did you know that you cannot grow spiritually unless you spend time in the word of God?  Did you know that your life will not improve without you spending time in the word of God – simply because your faith won’t grow?  Technology has provided so many tools and aids for Bible study, we are spoiled for choice!  There is really no excuse not to make your Bible part of your everyday life.

When last did you spare a small little thought for all those who do not have Bibles?  Can you imagine life without God’s word?  I can’t.  I love spending time in the word of God.  It builds my faith!  Pay a visit to the Bible Society’s website and consider joining the Bible-a-month club.  For as little as R36 a month, you can sponsor a Bible every month.  What is R36?  You can’t even have ONE decent meal for that money.  Surely you can afford it!  Check it out here:

I remember the old advertisement for Philips where at the end of the ad, the lady asked: “what did you do with your Philips today?”

Maybe we should ask each other: “What did you find in your Bible today?”



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