It’s the devil’s fault…


Can we be too religious in our thinking and reasoning? Is it at all possible? Yes.

A good friend mentioned something yesterday that got me thinking. And from experience I know that when something keep mulling around in my head, I should blog about it. Somebody needs to read it. So here goes!

Everything that is wrong we blame on the devil. Everything we do wrong, we blame on the devil. Quite frankly, I think the devil gets more credit than he deserves! Many things in our lives are there because of choices we made. The circumstances we have is often the direct results of things we did or things we did not do. It has nothing to do with the devil or any of his plans. We are often our own worst enemies!

I get upset when people blame the devil for their sin. The devil cannot make us do anything. He can put temptation in front of us, yes. But MAKE us fall into the trap? NO. We know what is right and what is wrong. We have the Holy Spirit and He guides us every step of our lives. When we veer off the road, it’s because we CHOOSE to. We choose to sin. We choose to do the wrong thing.

And then we blame the devil.

We go to church on Sundays but we make no effort to get knowledge about the spiritual laws in the Word of God. Our prayers are ineffective. Our confessions as negative. Our faith is sadly lacking. We do not know the promises in the Word, so how can we stand on them? How can we believe in something we do not know about or understand properly?

But we blame the devil.

It is time that we accept responsibility for our own lives! Satan is not our master. He cannot achieve anything in our lives unless we yield to him. If we yield to him through sin, we become his slaves.

Stop blaming the devil. Start taking responsibility!


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