A serious water problem


The borehole pump is in for repairs. Again. I think this is the 3rd time in less than a month that we had to get that pump out. And the borehole is 146m deep. The clutch on the bakkie is damaged because of this. It’s really annoying. Let me give you a quick mental picture.

A man with strong hands has to lift it. Another has to stand by and as soon as there is enough space, he has to grab hold and add power to the lifting effort. There is a lot of groaning with this part of the exercise. Some other noises too but we won’t go into that. The pipe has to be lifted over a huge steel wheel standing next to the borehole. More hands are added to the combined effort. It has to be pulled by hand for several meter to where the bakkie is waiting. It is tied to the towbar and a designated driver has to start the drive up to the upper fence. SLOWLY. As we progress, people take position along the way. If something goes wrong, the shouting starts. Makes you think of a game of telephone with the sole purpose of getting the driver to stop. The horses find this amusing and usually make a nuisance of themselves. The dogs too. And then the dogs run into the bush after the horses and one wonders whether the dogs are going to survive it. Eventually after a long time, the pump surfaces to loud cheering. It sounds funny, believe me it is not.

So now, we have no water. The house tanks are both empty and the pump will only be back tomorrow. We can’t shower tonight. We haven’t done laundry yet this week. At least we can manually flush the toilets; there is a bucket of water next to each toilet. Water that comes from a small spare tank that usually feeds the irrigation. Water that doesn’t smell very nice. It is full of sulphuric gas and it hasn’t gone through the normal filtering and purification process.

We are all a bit miserable. We all feel dirty. We had take aways to avoid dishes that have to be washed. It is so cold outside, collecting toilet water from outside is really not nice this time of the year.

When you are suddenly stuck without water, you realise how desperately you need it. And we usually take it for granted.

Water is often symbolic of the Holy Spirit and quite aptly so. Imagine a life without our Comforter, our Guide. I cannot begin to think how awful that must be. I suddenly understand David’s plea in Psalm 51.

Do not cast me away from Your presence, And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. (Psalms 51:11 NKJV)

And David did not even have the privilege that we have today. He did not have the Holy Spirit in the same way we have Him today. What an honour.

Do we appreciate it? Or do we take it for granted?

When last did you have a loooooong drink of God’s Spirit?


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  1. More, het jy nog nie oorweeg om Broom for my brain in ‘n boek te sit nie? Dit is regtig so goed en so van toepassing op ons elke dag lewe, dankie ek geniet dit baie


    • Jy sal my nie glo nie, maar ek het dit oorweeg. Ek het met CUM kontak gemaak en die aansoekvorms gekry. Maar ek moet dit eers verwerk in ‘n manuskrip formaat in. Tyd, tyd, tyd…. Dit sit hier in my agterkop en ek dink gereeld daaraan. Ek gaan dit nog doen!

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