The tiny bugs of sin


For those of you who do not know, I love knitting and crocheting. And I am masterful at both, even if I might say so myself. It is the most satisfying feeling to see my husband go to work in a sweater with intricate cabling and patterns, that I have knitted for him. I din’t mind buying expensive wool and investing a lot of hours to make a beautiful peace of knitwear.

So imagine my shock and utter disgust when my husband walked up to me with a huge hole in his sweater. Yes, the sweater I made. And it got worse. There was a hole on the arm too. On closer inspection, my husbands’s innocence was proven. He was clearly not responsible for the damage. I suspected a critter of some sorts to be involved. So today, we took all the clothes out of the closet. And there were several more damaged items. Eventually I found the culprit. A tiny, 4mm long beetle of some sorts.

I was beyond angry when I found him. It is such a pity that it was so quick to squeeze him to death. I would have enjoyed rather beating him with a bat into smithereens. While I was checking every piece of clothing and repacking the unaffected stuff, my mind started wondering (as usual).

That little beetle managed to cause a huge loss due to nobody checking the winter’s clothing on a regular basis. The damaged items had not been worn since last year.

Ou spiritual lives are the same. We need to check what is going on there every now and then. If we don’t, sin comes as a tiny little thing and starts corrupting us. And we are not good at checking ourselves. We tend to justify whatever is in our lives. What we should rather have, is an accountability towards another person like a friend, a spouse, a brother or sister in church. Let me explain what I mean. If I battle to keep my faith, I can ask a person close to me to hold me accountable. That person can check up on me regularly to find out whether I am still speaking positively, whether I am still trusting God, whether I am still strong in my faith. We all battle with different issues. And we are so proud about it.
Why I do not know.

What do you battle with? Which part of your spiritual journey is hard for you? Find a partner and make yourself accountable to that person. Give that person the right to ask uncomfortable questions and promise that person to always speak the truth.

Get a partner to help you prevent the little beetles from slowly eating away at your spiritual growth.


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