The Instant Generation


In the last 20 years, the world changed from a world of waiting to a world of instant.  The microwave oven, the cell phone, the internet, the world-wide web and social media all contributed to a generation alive today, who expects everything in an instant.  We don’t want to wait for anything anymore.  Communication has become instant.  Finding information has become instant.  We expect everything to be instant.

The youth has been affected by this quite severely.  Daily I encounter young people, fresh in the corporate world, moaning because they don’t have managerial positions.  They want a high salary and a high position instantly.  They want to choose the work they will do.  They don’t want to work for a position with the luxury of delegating.  They don’t want to wait for it.  It has to be instantly.  Although I get quite upset during these type of encounters, I can’t really blame them.  They didn’t grow up as we did.  They never got hidings as reward for bad behaviour.  They were brought up in a world of human rights where it sometimes seem as if children have the right to tell parents how they must be raised.  It’s a pathetic generation indeed.  Most of them have little backbone.  Most of them have little faith.  Most of them have little or no initiative.  Most of them little or no sense of responsibility.  Why?  They were never taught to wait and everything they needed was right there at their fingertips.

Unfortunately, the youth are not the only ones affected by the world of instant.  We treat God the same way.  We want to be spiritually mature and we even pretend to be, but we don’t want to spend the time studying the Word, building a relationship with God and learning the ways of a ministry from a mentor.  We just want it all overnight.

There are a few scriptures in the Bible that refers to WAITING on the Lord.

I think I need to change my piece of the world, from instant to waiting.

I can contribute to the ‘keep calm’ poster trend with this.

“Keep calm and WAIT”.


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