Faith comes by hearing


The new challenge in our lives forced me to slow down a bit.  I haven’t blogged for a while.  I haven’t started with my studies for the second semester.  I have just allowed myself some time to fully come to grips with the challenge in front of us.  I have allowed myself the luxury of time to crochet and while doing that, I have been sweeping my brain.  Negativity and unbelief can’t reside in my mind.  Neither can fear.  There is only space for faith.  Anything else will complicate this journey.  Which brings me to my title of “‘Faith comes through hearing”.

Instead of listening to the endless noise on the radio while driving, I am again listening to teachings by Andrew Wommack.  What a blessing.  I can feel a level of faith stirring up inside of me that I have never had before.  Dare I say that we as Christians do not spend enough time studying God’s Word?  We do not understand our rights.  We do not understand our authority.  Simply because we do not STUDY the Word.  We read a passage daily because that is what we have been taught to do.  We seldom really STUDY it like we would study another subject for an exam for instance.  Ask me – I know.  In this regard, we are ill-disciplined compared to other religions.  And this has a direct influence on our faith!  You cannot have faith in something you don’t understand.

Oh I know we don’t all have time to really STUDY the Word.  We are in an endless rat race and at times we don’t even find time to eat during the day.  When we get home, we want to spend a bit of quality time with spouses, children demands attention, animals demand attention, we still have work to do that we brought home, studies have to fitted in somewhere and the little time left is given to much-needed sleep.

But there is a way.  Technology is not all bad.  We can use technology to our advantage.  That is what I have been doing lately.  There are so many sermons and teachings available in audio format.  And I can really recommend Andrew Wommack.  Get some of his teachings off the internet, burn a CD and put it in your car.  While stuck in traffic, listen to a teaching that will not only teach you more of the God’s Word, it will also fuel your faith!  There are pod casts available.  Instead of listening to boom-boom music in the gym, listen to a teaching.  Work those spiritual muscles along with your physical ones.  In many of the Bible apps, there are teachings included.  Rather than reading the daily news and getting all depressed, read a teaching when you have 5 minutes to spare and get all excited.

I know it’s wonderful and relaxing to listen to music.  I am a musician, I am addicted to music.  But right now, I need more of the Word. It’s a bit of discipline just like any other good habit you want to have.  It’s a habit I can really recommend.  Get your daily fill of God’s Word through technology – it’s worth it.

My faith is rising daily.  I am getting more and more inspired daily.  I am getting more and more positive daily.  It’s a wise investment of time.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  Faith does not come by hearing radio babble.


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  1. Hilda,

    Not long ago you were fasting from food….you tought me to rather fast from things that steel time from knowing God beter. It is not whats going into your mouth rather whats going out that determine purity.
    My ore het oop gegaan toe ek van die tele-dstv begin vas het, ek kon hoor in die agtergrond hoe my God se Naam misbruik word in programme, series en movies. Movies waarvan ek baie gehou het en mense aanbeveel het om te gaan kyk is vol misbruik van my God se Naam. Ek dank God dat hy my ore oop gemaak het sodat ek beter kan sien.
    In plaas van die woord challenge gebruik die woord voorreg of geleentheid… challenge is n buss woord wat moeilikheid of probleme vervang het. Groete en sterkte ek bid vir jou en Dries


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