Change is good


They say change is good. Some say change is as good as a holiday. I am not so sure. Our lives changed dramatically during the last week. It is good, that I can say, but a holiday? Surely not.

In case you are wondering, we are smiling. We laugh a lot. We also cry a lot, and I really mean that. We are all very emotional right now, but even that is good. This little girl has to learn that it is okay to cry. Seeing me and Dries wipe off tears will contribute to her emotional healing.

This ordeal touched me in ways I could not imagine. I had to get past myself. Our own children are grown up, they don’t need that intense looking after anymore. I think I became too important in my life. Me, myself and I. My studies. My time. Suddenly there is very little time for me. Suddenly there is very little time to study. Subjects are being moved out to the next semester. I won’t finish my degree when I planned to. And it’s okay. The world won’t end. It is of little value when compared to the life of this young girl.

Somewhere deep inside of me I found a well of patience I never knew I had. Or maybe God showered me with some patience right when I needed it. I am used to girls who do what they have to do with little intervention from me. I have a reputation for my lack of patience. And I am not even as bad as I used to be! But yesterday, I had loads of it. I can only close my eyes and whisper a thank you prayer. There is no other explanation for it.

Our change is uncomfortable, but I know, it is also good. Most of us tend to shy away from change, when sometimes change is all we need. Maybe we should all make time to stop running and become quiet for a change. Maybe we should ask God what He would like us to change, and actually wait for His answer.

Change is good.


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